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20 National Metrology Technical Specifications Released
Release time:2022-7-1

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued Announcement No. 12 of 2022, approving the release and implementation of 20 national metrology technical specifications including the "Double Piston Pressure Vacuum Gauge Verification Regulations".

In the field of geometric measurement, with reference to the international recommendation OMILR35-1 "Common Length Physical Measuring Instruments" issued by the International Legal Metrology Organization, the revised JJG741-2022 "Standard Steel Tape Measure Verification Regulations" is aimed at manufacturers, verification agencies and application agencies. Corresponding revisions are made to the testing methods and technical indicators of the tape measure, to promote the adoption of the international recommendation OMILR35-1 in my country, to speed up the integration of product quality with international standards, and to improve the international competitiveness of my country's steel tape measure.

In the field of pressure measurement, JJF1062-2022 "Ionization Vacuum Gauge Calibration Specification" and JJG159-2022 "Dual Piston Pressure Vacuum Gauge Verification Regulations" were revised and released, and JJF1962-2022 "Maglev Rotor Vacuum Gauge Calibration Specification" was formulated and released. The pressure technical indicators of measuring instruments in the fields of aerospace, industrial production, electronics, nuclear fusion, chip production, transportation, etc. shall be refined, supplemented and revised to further improve the ability and level of metrology to support key areas and major projects.

In the field of acoustic metrology, JJG176-2022 "Acoustic Calibrator Verification Regulations" was revised and released, and JJG1184-2022 "Vehicle Whistle Monitoring System Verification Regulations" was formulated and released to further improve and supplement acoustic metrology terms, definitions, technical indicators, performance requirements, etc. elements, effectively promote the development of acoustic measurement, and support the healthy and orderly development of acoustic-related industries.

In the field of reference materials, JJF1342-2022 "General Requirements for Development (Production) Institutions of Reference Materials" and JJF1343-2022 "Evaluation of Homogeneity and Stability of Standard Materials" were revised and released, and JJF1960-2022 "Measurement Ratio of Reference Materials" was formulated and released. To further promote the standardized operation of my country's reference material research and development (production) institutions, improve the research and development, production and service quality of reference materials, ensure the traceability, accuracy and reliability of the quality value of reference materials, and better Guide the high-quality development of reference materials, and support the grading and identification of reference materials and the supervision of their value.

In the field of new materials and nanometering, JJF1965-2022 "Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Instrument Calibration Specification" has been formulated and released. Fluorine and chlorine content and other measurement needs, fill the gap of measurement technology specifications in related fields, provide comprehensive, scientific and standardized legal basis and technical guidance, and lay a foundation for the development of related technical fields.

In the field of energy resource measurement, JJF1261.9-2022 "Measurement and Testing Rules for Energy Efficiency of Domestic Gas Instantaneous Water Heaters and Gas Heating Water Heaters" was revised and released to further improve the measurement requirements, testing procedures, Test methods, test results evaluation criteria and test reports, etc., promote the standardization and systematization of energy resource measurement, provide consumers with a more open, transparent and fair consumption environment, help promote energy conservation and consumption reduction work, and strengthen the supervision of people's livelihood measurement Manage the work level and consolidate the measurement foundation for a high-quality life.