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Composite exhaust valve
Good Product: CARX
Nominal: PN1.0 ~ 1.6MPa
Nominal diameter: DN20 ~ 100mm
Suitable medium: water, oil and non-Corrosive liquids
Temperature: 0 ~ 100 ℃
Main material: HT200, SUS 304
Test standards: GB / T13927, API598
Product details

CARX compound exhaust valve principle of action :
 When the tube began to inject water, the stopper stuck in the open position, a lot of exhaust, when the air row is exhausted, the valve floats float, drive plug to the closed position, Stop a lot of exhaust; when the tube of water during normal delivery, if a small amount of air gathered in the valve to a considerable extent, the valve water level drops, the float drops, then the air is discharged from the hole. When the pump stops, the water flow in the tube is empty, or when negative pressure is generated in the tube, the plug is turned on at this time and the air is sucked in to ensure the safety of the pipeline.


Structure and use:
 CARX composite exhaust valve is a barrel-type valve body, a total of the main internal stainless steel float ball and plug. 
 The CARX compound exhaust valve is installed at the outlet of the pump or sent to the water distribution pipeline to eliminate the air in the pipeline to increase the efficiency of the water pipe and the water pump. When the valve is in negative pressure with the pipe Rapidly inhale the air to protect the line from damage due to negative pressure.


CARX composite exhaust valve parts material :

Serial number name Material
1 Body HT200
2 cap HT200
3 Float SUS 304
4 Lever frame Copper ZH59
5 Rod Copper ZH59
6 Plug the head NBR rubber NBR

 CARX composite exhaust valve main dimensions and connection dimensions :

model Nominal diameter 
       DN (mm)
Size (mm)
H L L1 D D1 D2 z-φd
20 375 290 180 105 75 55 4-12
25 375 290 180 115 85 65 4-14
50 480 360 205 160 125 100 4-14
80 520 405 245 195 160 135 4-18
100 530 405 245 215 180 155 4-18

 CARX composite exhaust valve per hour displacement table:

Specification DN 25 50 80 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
Cubic meter / hour 2-88 85-352 22-904 34-1413 76-3179 135-8831 212-8831 305-12717 415-17309 542-22608

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