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Focus on the innovative development of natural gas in the 14th five year plan, and Chongqing will do so
Release time:2021-7-30

It is reported that from July 27 to 28, the summer summit of Chongqing oil and Gas Forum in 2021 was held at Sheraton Hotel in Chongqing. Relevant heads of departments and industries such as the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of market supervision, Chongqing Energy Bureau and China Urban Gas Association focused on the innovation and development of natural gas in the 14th five year plan.

Chongqing oil and gas forum is initiated by Chongqing oil and gas trading center and cooperates with relevant institutions to jointly build an important platform for exchange and cooperation in China's oil and gas field.

The 14th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China's low-carbon energy transformation to reach the carbon peak. As a clean energy, natural gas will play a vital role in the adjustment of energy structure. In this regard, Zhang Bowen, President of Chongqing petroleum and natural gas trading center, said that in recent years, China's natural gas market-oriented reform has been continuously deepened, policies and measures have been continuously implemented and effective, and the natural gas industry chain has been continuously optimized. However, the natural gas market environment is still very complex, which requires overall consideration of development and safety, supply and demand, government and market, and efforts in innovation and development.

Wang Zuxun, deputy director of the Municipal Energy Bureau, pointed out that during the "14th five year plan" period, natural gas development will usher in important strategic opportunities. Chongqing has established an oil and gas trading center and built it into an important subject of the domestic natural gas market. Focusing on the reform requirements, market-oriented, innovative and promoting the construction of oil and gas trading platform will play an increasingly important role in allocating resources and discovering prices.

At the meeting, Tian Lei, deputy director of the energy economy research center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, Chen Jindian, director of the natural gas Institute of China Petroleum Planning Institute, and other experts and scholars gave keynote speeches on the natural gas price reform policy in the 14th five year plan, the natural gas development direction and infrastructure development plan, the challenges faced by urban gas enterprises, the natural gas market in Sichuan and Chongqing, It also deeply discusses how to plan and layout the natural gas industry chain and build a clean, low-carbon, intelligent, efficient, economic and safe natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system during the 14th Five Year Plan period.