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Official Shipping!Artificial Sun Gravity Support Equipment Made in China
Release time:2020-9-18

Controlled nuclear fusion device, commonly known as "artificial sun", is the ultimate energy dream to illuminate the future of mankind.On September 11, the Gravity support bulk product of ITER, which was fully developed by China, was officially launched in Zunyi, Guizhou province.The equipment is one of ITER's important structural safety components, which is jointly developed by Southwest Institute of Physics of Nuclear Industry of China National Nuclear Corporation and Guizhou Aerospace Xinli Technology Co., LTD.Upon arrival at the site, it will be installed on the dewar base ring, which will not only bear the weight of the magnet system of tens of thousands of tons, but also bear the complex working conditions such as strong thermal stress, strong electromagnetic force and instantaneous load.

Luo Delong, director of the Executive Center of China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program, Zhang Bixiang, Party Secretary of Southwest Institute of Nuclear Industry physics, And Wan Donghai, chairman and Party Secretary of Guizhou Xinli Aerospace Science and Technology Co., LTD witnessed the event.

"Artificial Sun" is the common name of controlled nuclear fusion device. The development of fusion energy is the ultimate energy dream of the global nuclear fusion people, who are running from generation to generation, committed to lighting up the future of mankind.The international thermonuclear Fusion Experimental Reactor project is the largest and most far-reaching international scientific project in the world. China signed an official contract to join the project in 2006.


ITER is currently the world's largest experimental fusion reactor project, which is more complex and technically difficult than the large number of fission reactors that have been built and operated.ITER magnet support is one of several large procurement packages undertaken by China, which undertakes 100% manufacturing task.Gravity support products are the most complex parts with the highest manufacturing difficulty in the procurement package of magnet support.Due to its numerous components, complex assembly process and high dimensional accuracy requirements, timely delivery is related to the assembly schedule of the entire ITER device and the stability of the later experimental device.


Learned, exploring the process of nuclear fusion, the nuclear group, give full play to the main force of nuclear technology and nuclear power development in our country, adhere to the "three steps" strategy to carry out the national nuclear power, insist for a long time to fusion energy research and development, promote fusion research has achieved great progress in our country, effectively promote the position of China in the field of international fusion, on the way of human future energy exploration contribution to China's power, shows the nuclear in spirit.

The Southwest Institute of Physics of Nuclear Industry is the main undertaking unit for China to participate in ITER project. For more than a decade, it has joined hands with Aerospace And SONY to jointly tackle key problems, build high-end domestic manufacturing strength, and complete high-quality gravity support products, demonstrating the level and capability of China's high-end manufacturing.This delivery is the fifth time that NSPU has delivered magnet support products to ITER this year.All deliveries of the product will be completed by the end of this year.